1) Name


The Pedalonga, an FCI pairs cycling race, will be held on 02 and 03/08/2019, with the start and finish lines located in Comelico Superiore (BL).


2) Organization


The Pedalonga is organized by the ASD Spiquy Team – registered office and postal address: 16, Via Marangona, Santo Stefano di Cadore, 32045 (BL), , VAT No. and Tax Code 01011480256. For general information please get in touch with Nicola on +39 340 390 0894, for technical information regarding routes please get in touch with Michele on +39 348 6020 664. In collaboration with voluntary associations from Val Comelico, as well as volunteers and sponsors.


3) Partecipation


Participation in the 55km Special Marathon race is open to ACSI, UCI/FCI members and Consulta Institutions for 2018, for those aged 17 and above. For the foreigners will be mandatory the sport medical certificate and the subscription of the daily FCI card.


Non-members aged 15 and above are allowed to participate in the Pedalonga Classic 38km, but they must present a medical fitness certificate for non-competitive sports during the number pick-up stage, issued pursuant to Ministerial Decree, dated 24 March 2013 and subsequent Ministerial Decree dated 8 August 2014 (see attached example C). We will however be issuing daily FCI cards as per the information released in the lead up to the event.


3) Pre-registration


Pre-registration will open on 07/10/2018 and close on 31/12/2018, or whenever we reach the registration limit. The maximum number of places available for pre-registration is 300 pairs. The CO reserves the right to change this number.


4) Registration


The total registration fee for the initial sign-up phase is €90 (€20 for pre-registration + a €70 registration fee) until 31/12/2018. The balance must be paid after pre-registration closes according to the instructions provided by the CO, and strictly no later than 28/02/2019. Individuals who have not settled the balance by this date will automatically be removed from the list of pre-registered entrants and will lose any priority in the registration process.


The cost of a full membership will be €110 per pair from 1 April 2019, and 130€ per pair from 1 July 2019.

Registrations will close on 30th of July 2019.

The registration fee includes: a timer (not including chips as per the sale/rental method established by the company responsible for providing the service, of which participants will be duly informed), a route map, race pack, breakdown and medical assistance, radio rescue, supplies during the race, refreshments upon completing the race, lunch party on arrival, showers, bike wash, prizes.

If the event is cancelled or postponed due to force majeure, the registration fee will not be reimbursed.

You can substitute a team member until the 30/07/2019 with no extra cost. After the deadline an additional €20 will be charged for admin expenses.

Please send information regarding substitutions to

You can withdraw from the race and get an half refund until 30/07/2019. No refunds will be issued after that date. Please send information regarding withdrawals to


5) Race



  • Special Marathon: distance 55Km/altitude range 2700m
  • Classic: distance 38km/altitude range 1700m
  • Ecological – E-Bike: 19km/altitude range 700m

During the race, registered athletes can choose which route to follow (fork at KM 3) – this will be based on the physical fitness of yourself and your partner. Non-registered bikers who are in possession of a fitness certificate for non-competitive sports must follow the Classic route and cannot enter the starting grids.


Athlete pairs, in line with the spirit of the event, must follow the route no more than 30 (thirty) seconds apart and must cross the finish line in pairs, OTHERWISE THEY WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Surveillance and detection points will be set up along the route.


A downhill timed section will be included in the Special Marathon route. It’s a technical single-track race but is not dangerous and is always accessible.

Refreshment points will be positioned along the route. Numbers and locations may vary from those indicated on the map.

There will be checkpoints dotted along the route. Athletes who cross the pre-established checkpoints after the time limit will have to retire and abandon the race. The timings for the hourly checkpoints will be announced in the days leading up to the race. These checkpoints are aimed at assisting volunteers working at a high altitude, so that they do not have to remain at altitudes above 2000 metres for extended periods of time. We trust that athletes will understand the checkpoint timings implemented by the CO.


6) Safety


The Pedalonga is a mountain bike race and you can only participate if you are in possession of a suitable bike that has been properly maintained. E-Bikes (pedal assisted) are only permitted on the Ecological route.

The correct wearing of a cycle-approved helmet is mandatory.

Slower competitors are obliged to allow faster athletes to overtake. Passages that are not clearly visible are to be travelled with adequate speed. Never exceed your technical limit when descending. Any damage to bicycles must be handled off the race track.

Ambulances, air ambulances (if available), doctors, nurses, fixed health care points and a permanent health care point at the finish line will be available.
The route will be signposted from May onwards. Dangerous points will be signposted with appropriate and clearly identifiable signs. Mileage is listed in descending order (km remaining until finish line).
Complete and definitive signage regarding the route will be set up near the event.

Athletes are only allowed to consume refreshments in the refreshment/assistance zones.

It is strictly prohibited to throw litter on the ground along the way. Please throw litter in the bins provided after the refreshment points. It is also forbidden to leave the race track. Anyone who does not respect the rules will be immediately disqualified.


7) Services


Parking: free parking will be set up near the start line in Sega Digon (follow the signs) on the day of the event.

Race pack: each competitor will receive a race pack containing informative material, a bib (bike faceplate) and other gadgets. There will also be a voucher for lunch and a drink in the pack.

Chip: chips are supplied by the company responsible for timing.

Showers, bike washes, parking: there will be free showers, toilets, bike washing and well-marked parking spaces near the arrival area for competitors. ** The showers and changing rooms at the Campitello sports field will also be available to competitors and are located about 2km from the arrival area (shuttle services will be running to/from the sports field).

Bibs: bibs will be assigned in order of registration. Each competitor must clearly position the number-holder table on the front of his/her mountain bike, without changing its appearance and/or covering sponsors.
Timing: timing will be managed independently by an authorised company.

Lunch: the race pack includes a voucher for lunch (complete) and a drink. Lunch will be available from about 12.30pm in the building in the arrival zone and will be open until the final competitor has arrived.


8) Other information

The ASD Spiquy Team declines all responsibility on behalf of itself and its employees for accidents or damage to persons or property that may occur before, during or after the event or as a result of it.
Participate at your own risk. Upon registering, entrants renounce any right to complain, including in relation to third parties, the CO, and all natural and legal persons involved in organising the event.

As required by current FCI regulations, any complaints must be received by the jury in writing within 30 minutes of the end of the race with a €100 deposit. If the complaint is accepted, the deposit will be reimbursed.

The organisation declines any responsibility for the sending of photographs by unauthorised operators.

The CO reserves the right to alter the guidelines, route and altitude profile. The event will go ahead in all weather conditions and only the CO manager has the authority to cancel the competition. All information will be published on the internet and on the information board.

By signing the registration form you declare that you have read the regulations and consent to the use of your data, pursuant to Law No. 675 of 31/12/96 on Privacy.

In full compliance with the provisions of Law 675/96 on the protection of personal data, the data required for registration will be processed exclusively for standard administrative activities relating to the aforementioned competition, as well as for any promotions or communications concerning the activities of the ASD Spiquy Team.


9) Circuits


The Pedalonga is included in the 4seasons MTB Tour circuit. Please refer to the official circuit website for guidelines.